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Lakewood College logo
We were getting leads from elsewhere but we hadn’t figured out how to make Facebook produce for us. Working with SalesBlend, we acheived a 233.47% ROI in just our first month! They’re both helpful and strategic and have produced 95.23% qualified leads for us.”

– Tanya L. Haggins, President, Lakewood College


Aline Gadue Stirling
YOU’RE DOING A GOOD JOB. I love the Tweets and exchanges; I love the Facebook posts that promote our services and distinctions–and the ones that talk about the wider world too. I love the blog posts. I love being able to post to Facebook if I want–but being able to walk away for a week and know that posting will be done. And most of all, I love not having to worry about any of it.”

– Aline Gadue Stirling, President, Gadue’s Dry Cleaning


The Sofia Hotel
SalesBlend saves us 4-5 hours of our own time each time they research, write and publish a blog for us. I absolutely love their service…and product!”

– Andrea Winslow, General Manager, The Sofia Hotel


Corey Riley Student Athlete College Consultant
Other proposals came in with pricing that was kind of high, so I went with SalesBlend. I’m glad I did because they brought me a ton of leads. I can’t believe how many leads they got for me with Twitter.”

– Corey Riley, Founder, Student Athlete College Consultant


Hamilton Loomis
As I’ve toured the U.S. and Europe over the last year, SalesBlend has kept up with me and saved me countless hours. They’ve helped me get the word out to the right people about each of my shows with Facebook posts and ads. Thanks guys!”

Hamilton Loomis, Musician


Cailin Bundrick Mediate Management
One of the best things about this service is that it takes something off of my shoulders that I otherwise would not have the time to truly devote myself to.

As a new sales and marketing division, there are a number of initiatives but only one person to act on all of those initiatives. Without SalesBlend as a resource, there is a huge aspect of educating our clients and potential clients, which I find extremely valuable, that we’d be missing out on.

As a result of having SalesBlend generate content for our blog, we are able to more consistently produce a monthly newsletter for our clients and potential clients. We have also had greater interest shown in our monthly newsletters, which means more traffic to our website.

Additionally, we had a publication reach out to us to see if they could reprint one of the blogs created for us by SalesBlend. When the article is reprinted, our company will be mentioned, generating even more publicity for our company.”

– Cailin Bundrick, Sales and Marketing, Mediate Management Company


Carole Jabbawy
As an educator, I had been writing blogs for my website for quite a while. Working with SalesBlend has shown me how to utilize my blogs, conveyed via Facebook and Twitter, as a way to reach the specific clientele that I hoped would visit my website. David has such a personal touch, responding immediately to every question I have.

Not only is my program gaining tremendous visibility but I also feel that I am receiving an education from him about the nuances of social media marketing.”

– Carole Jabbawy, Ed.D., Founder and Director, Internship Connection


Leora Sanchez Monte Verde Inn

SalesBlend is on point in every direction, from blogs to marketing campaigns that are well researched and tailored to fit any business.

David, with SalesBlend, is a great addition to any sales and marketing team.”

– Leora Sanchez, General Manager, Monte Verde Inn & Casa de Carmel


Yosemite Scenic Wonders
For the record, in just two months, SalesBlend has rocketed our Facebook account to over 1001 likes, whereas it took us over two years to achieve 365 likes.

The SalesBlend team has worked diligently for us and this is the proof, not just with Facebook but also with Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, which they introduced us to. Unlike the promises in the past, SalesBlend is the real thing!  We very much look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!”

– Ken LeBlanc, Owner, Yosemite’s Scenic Wonders


Joan Rockwell

I just want to tell you what a wonderful service I feel you’re providing for us.  I am very grateful to you and hugely amazed we connected (that you’re not one of those scam marketers!)”

– Joan Rockwell, Owner, Rockcliffe Farm Retreat



Doug Hopeman Artificial Plants & Trees
When we asked SalesBlend to run the social media program for our website, we weren’t sure where we should focus our efforts. Over time, with careful analysis and reporting of what brought us the most traffic and exposure, we’ve created a successful combination of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Our Facebook likes have tripled, Pinterest links to our site are over 1,000 and our Twitter following more than doubled.

Mary and David continue to bring us new ways to expand our reach and when we have a question, they thoroughly research the issue and respond quickly and intelligently. It’s a true partnership built on trust and a genuine interest in growing our business.”

– Amy and Doug Hopeman, Owners, Artificial Plants and Trees