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You want to generate buzz, amplify word of mouth and convert customers.

To achieve your goals you have to deliver fresh social content that delights and informs–the kind of content that makes your target audience want to share your messages with their friends and colleagues.

SalesBlend creates and delivers messages in the right place at the right time. We’ll help you track and understand your audience as it grows, generates word of mouth and drives sales for your business.

  • Create new sales opportunities
  • Nurture leads and empower brand advocates
  • Convert your fans into happy, repeat customers

How It Works

To grow your business, SalesBlend optimizes your social media profiles and runs advertising campaigns. We also use Facebook contests to drive engagement, opt-in email subscribers, leads and sales. To monitor and protect your reputation we use free and paid tools to keep watch and respond quickly to messages from customers.

SalesBlend has the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. No matter what your starting point, you’ll gain an effective social media team with the resources to successfully manage your social media marketing for the long term. From setup and planning to executing and reporting, you can count on SalesBlend from start to finish.

SalesBlend’s Social Advertising

We know how to arouse interest and drive word of mouth for your brand. Visible, clear and immediate – your reach and social influence make your brand accessible and shareable to your carefully selected targeted audience. 

To create high performing ads, we first design a larger number of ads including variations to the targeting, copy and images. We measure performance within specific market segments and refine ads quickly and effectively to optimize your social ads campaign.



SalesBlend’s Facebook Contests

Want to really grow and engage your target market? Facebook contests are a proven way to do just that.

We’ll take care of your contest from concept to design to deployment to promotion to daily management – even helping you pick and communicate with the winner!

  • Contest development
  • Adherence to Facebook’s requirements
  • Effective promotion of contest on all networks
  • Mobile-optimized contest app
  • Custom graphics
  • Social sharing of contest
  • Entry management
  • Winner selection

Prices for contests with an app range from $699 to $1,999. VIEW CONTEST CASE STUDY